About Us

Company History

Mapedz Trading was established and registered with the DTI on September 2015. It started operating as a small trading firm catering to a handful of clients. In its three years of operation, the Manager received requests from many clients for a company that can provide integrated importation services. In June 2018, in order to satisfy this need the company expanded its service to cover complete delivery of commodities from supplier to consumer.

What the Company Does

We promptly handle the shipping, brokerage and logistics sections with ease and with the least amount of concerns for the client. We address the bottlenecks that are encountered in whatever sector of the importation chain and resolve problems in the shortest possible time and to the satisfaction of the client.

Within a few months since our expanded operations, the company has grown to because of a supplier of construction materials, food and beverage commodities, beauty and healthcare products, due to well-established and firm business relationships with local and overseas suppliers.

In addition to our logistic services, we are now able to provide warehousing services, which is facilitated through a business partner that is located in the heart of the Port of Manila, Port of Cebu.